It is not easy

Do not think that it is easy to take a soul out of purgatory every day.

Satan is determined to prevent this. Therefore, you will have difficulty in practicing the works of mercy that are necessary to bring souls out of purgatory.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Ephesians, VI, 12.

The difficulty in some countries is that there are no priests, and therefore no masses. Nor confessions.

But in most places the problem is laziness. Going to Mass every day and going to confession frequently, praying for the Pope every day and praying the rosary with the family or in a church, or making the Stations of the Cross, IS NOT EASY. Laziness comes and eats everything.

That is why we suggest two things. The first is to form a group with others. Go to Mass with your wife, or with a friend, or with a brother. This helps you not to fail and multiplies the number of intercessors for the souls in purgatory.

The second is to offer redemption for specific souls. Start with your family. Offer a plenary indulgence for the soul of that relative who died. Or that friend. Or that neighbor. CONCRETENESS HELPS A LOT. You can specify for whom you want to offer the plenary indulgence you have gained. You can offer the plenary indulgence for this one or for that one. In purgatory there are no fights, but if there could be fights for anything, it is to get hold of your unnamed indulgence. Offer it for someone specific.

And write it down. It helps a lot to have a list of people for whom a plenary indulgence has been offered on a certain day and time. It is not for vanity. It is for concreteness and to motivate us to have concrete goals, not diffuse objectives.

I assure you that the more souls you take out of purgatory, the more souls you will want to take out. Like Tobias Sr:

"In the days of Shalmaneser I gave much alms to my brethren of my race; 17.I gave my bread to the hungry and clothing to the naked; and if I saw the corpse of one of my race cast outside the walls of Nineveh, I buried him. I also buried those whom Sennacherib slew (when he fled from Judah after the rebuke of the King of Heaven against him, because of his blasphemies. Sennacherib, in his anger, had many Israelites killed); and I removed their bodies and buried them. Sennacherib searched for them but did not find them. A Ninevite went to report to the king that I had buried them secretly. When I learned that the king had reports about me, and that he was looking for me to kill me, I was afraid and fled. 20.All my property was taken from me; nothing was left unconfiscated for the royal treasury except my wife Hannah and my son Tobiah."

Tobit, I, 16 - 20.