Jesus asks us to pray for souls in purgatory

St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, DIARIO, item 1226.

"Today bring to Me the souls who are in the prison of purgatory and immerse them in the abyss of My mercy.". It is the command of Jesus Christ himself to Sister Faustina Kowalska, apostle of Divine Mercy. A command that is also for you, who read this text. We must all pray continually for the souls in purgatory. Once again it is Jesus Christ who says so: "Oh, if you knew the torments they suffer, you would continually offer for them the alms of the spirit and you would settle the debts they owe to My justice.".

"Forgive us our debts." These are also words of the Anointed One, of more than frequent use. They are in the Lord's Prayer, the prayer that Jesus Himself told us that it contained what we were to pray for. That "forgive us our debts", when it says "our", refers to those of the whole Church, and therefore also to those of the purgative Church: the souls in purgatory, for whom we are all obliged to pray. And how to do it?

Jesus himself answers this question when speaking to Faustina Kowalska: "It is in your power to bring them relief. Make use of all the indulgences from the treasury of My Church and offer them on their behalf.". So it is very easy. Click here and you will see what an enormous variety of possibilities are open to you to gain a plenary indulgence for a soul in purgatory and thus to obtain a full benefit for the souls in purgatory. All the details, by clicking here.

"May the torrents of my Blood cool the burning of purgatory. All these souls are very dear to Me. They fulfill the just punishment due to My Justice". Do not let today pass without taking a soul out of purgatory. And do it every day, starting today.