Hell exists

Hell exists. It is there to eternally punish the sins of men. All sins. All kinds. Every sin. When someone tells you that hell does not exist, tremble. Because the devil, who also exists, is trying to deceive you. To say that hell does not exist is to shock, that is, to provoke another to sin. To moral error. To teach that hell does not exist is a very serious sin, because there are fools who believe it and fall into the hole. A hole from which one never, never, never comes out. St. Faustina Kowalska explains frankly well what are the comforts of the hotel hell:

St. Faustina Kowalska, Diary. Divine mercy in my soulitem 741.

Let's review this text. In hell the first and foremost penalty is existential. Since we are created to serve God for all eternity and to enjoy God as his children through our incorporation into Christ, the main penalty of hell is to see our own existential condition frustrated, and to find that, as a result of sin and Satan's deception, existence itself becomes as such a torture rather than a joy. So easy. So existential. So terrible. So stupid. "You made us Lord for Yourself and restless is our heart until it rests in You." (St. Augustine). Well, no: instead, quite the opposite. An existential condemnation. The most terrible thing imaginable.

The second sorrow is the continuous remorse of conscience. A continuous and perpetual "but I'll be silly...!". When you know silly, and knows that, being silly, has made a mistake, because you have been swindled although he knew the right path, the perpetual pride proper to the souls of hell leads to continually lamenting the error. The error is assumed, the deception is assumed, but the soul does not cry out for the glory that should to God and has not given him, but by his already perpetual and consummate stupidity. Thus arises, not repentance, but the pride of the condemned, who have been over-clever, and his conscience does not prick his conscience, but the pride, already eternal, that makes him think: "How is it possible that this could have happened to me, who am so smart, such an intellectual," he said. The best example, I think, is that of someone who is hanging from a skyscraper, sure of himself, and while falling thinks "wow, if the rope was slack". A fall that is more terrible than the blow, because it is perpetual.

Then comes the idea that hell exists "but they will repeal it". This is the third regret. They think "someday it will end". As if hell were for a season, but then someone comes and puts an end to it, as if it were an earthly reality, a prison sentence: "from here you get out". As if there were hope. The person sentenced to prison has the hope of one day getting out of the slammer: "not even life imprisonment is life". Well, no. You can't get out of hell. The chain is perpetual, in the most literal sense of chain and perpetual. This is perfectly expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

1035 The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. The souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend to hell immediately after death and there suffer the pains of hell, "the fire". eternal" (cf. DS 76; 409; 411; 801; 858; 1002; 1351; 1575; Creed of the People of God, 12). The main penalty of hell consists in the separation eternal of God in whom alone can man have the life and happiness for which he was created and to which he aspires.

Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 1035.

Can you imagine something that is "forever, forever, forever"? For that is what both Heaven and Hell are like. Forever. Remember the attitude of Saint Teresa of Jesuswhen, as a child, she went to the land of the Moors with her brother to be martyred, which she herself recounts in the book of his lifetelling him that the fruit of martyrdom was Heaven "forever, forever, forever". For that is what hell is also like: forever. Unimaginable.

Then there is fire. It is quite striking, because it burns but does not consume matter. In hell no one is "burned": everyone is "burned". burning. A spiritual fire designed to combat the soul and the body, but without consuming either one or the other. The first because the soul is not material and therefore not combustible and the second because the body is material but fire is spiritual. Don't you understand? Do not worry. There is nothing to understand. The important thing is not to experience it. If you want to understand it, it's already wrong. God is unintelligible. Otherwise, He would not be God. And it was He Himself who revealed it. By clicking here you will find a selection of New Testament verses on hell fire. This fire is important. Because it makes us see, by comparison to how the fire is here below, that hell is terrible. And if the other torments are even harsher than burning forever, you can imagine what will have become of their lifelong consecration to the "welfare state" instead of to the welfare of Jesus Christ, the only name under Heaven that has been given to us so that we can be saved:

10 let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified and whom God raised from the dead, by him this man stands before you in health. 11 This Jesus is the stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the head of the corner. 12 And in no other is there salvation; For there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.

Acts, 4, 12

And we continue. Because there is much more to come. The next step is the general punishment of the mind and the senses. The darkness of the mind, much worse than the darkness of sight. You must have wanted to live in the "century of lights", in the worship of reason, in the search for "scientific truth". And that is fine. It happens, however, that we have to go one step further. Our Lord Jesus Christ is Himself the Truth. In other words, truth is not just a concept. It is a person. It is an attribute of being and therefore of God. God is being. And Jesus Christ is God made man. That is the truth to be sought. If you have found it, you will have the light. If not, you will suffer - forever - that characteristic darkness of which St. Faustina Kowalska speaks. Ask for it because God gives it to all who ask for it.. The darkness of hell, which is not only of the eyes. You will never see the Truth, because the Truth has a name and a surname, and you will not have wanted to see it.

Then there are the smells. If it smells bad in prison, and in the latrines it smells bad, I don't even want to imagine the stench that must be in hell. It is not because of the defecations, it is because of the sins of each one. Sins have a pestilent moral odor, much more stinking than bodily odor. Sin is present and floods the room. Without any deodorant. In hell there are no colognes. I do not rent the profit to the damned, because the pestilence is not for a little while, as if it were a sucker exploded by the neighbor, but a stench that lasts forever, a variety of crumbs that never harden. As if to nest in that cell.

And what about the company of Satan? It must not be pleasant to live with one's own executioner. As everyone knows, Satan is the tempter, the enemy, the serpent, the cause of damnation, the enemy of God, pride with a tail (God removed his legs), malignity to the highest degree known. It must not be pleasant to live with such an evil creature. And it is not only her. It is his whole cohort. Satan has had no children, but he has dominated as many creatures as he has disguised. They all vulture with her in hell, which was created precisely for satan and his angels. He has done us much harm: he is the tempter, the one who corrupted Eve, the one who deceived Adam, the one who is trying to deceive you, the one who disguises himself as virtue so that you will sin. If on this earth to walk with bad company is not advisable, to walk with satan in hell for all eternity is the price you pay when leaving bad company is hopeless. Like prison bullies, satan will hang around and even in hell he will not let you sleep, he will spit in your face, he will call you a fool - and he will be right - and he will take you as a slave so that you will pay him with hard labor for the stupidity of having listened to him.

In such a context, no one will miss the seventh torment: imprecations, despair, curses, blasphemies. They are not the same. Indeed, they are quite different. But they have the same root: the hatred of God, characteristic of those who have already they will never be able to love him, because its sorrow is existential, it makes those who suffer the consequences of their own sin howl with rage. It is not a consequence of all the above. It is another facet of the same thing. It is not that, since there is no remedy, hatred arises. It is that hatred gives rise to insults to divinity; the proximity of demons generates curses; the consciousness of immutable condemnation engenders despair; the desire to harm one's neighbors provokes curses. Being itself, which no longer has anything good in it but what remains of pure and simple creation, turns those who cannot reason correctly into madmen because they do not understand how reality works, with which they will live forever out of sympathy. That is why they scream. It is their new and everlasting tone of voice.

And then there are the specific torments for each one. The commandments are summed up in 10. The specific torments as well. The one who stole is tormented with the same thing he stole and with the hand he stole. The one who shared a bed, I excuse to tell him where he will suffer, because it will hurt him already now. He who looked indecently, will see what is good. This is the testimony of St. Faustina Kowalska, who was there:

You, if you want, continue to believe that hell does not exist. Unbelievers are many more than believers. For faith is a gift. But if you have faith, do not play with it. Ask God to preserve it forever, just as we must ask for our daily bread and to deliver us from the evil one, as we do in the Our Father. St. Faustina also dedicated a thought to unbelievers, something specific, quantitative. Not only because of the intensity ("what I have written is a faint shadow of the things I have seen") but because "the greater part of the souls who are there are those who did not believe that hell exists":

Don't be a fool. Don't be fooled. Hell exists. There is no way out of it. On the other hand, you can get out of purgatory. That is the point. PRAY for the souls in purgatory. INTERCEDE for those who are suffering a sorrow, but a temporary one, oriented to their full and definitive conversion, to their entrance into Heaven. For more information on what purgatory is and its differences with hell, click on the place of your preference: